• Symbol: BBET
  • Contract Address: 0xea3a4094c463fd2e7fe10414d6c5d4b8accf012b
  • Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)

About BBET

BBET token is not a mintable and ownable token and it is powering the Barbooth.Bet functionalities. Currently it is used for;
  • Generating automated rooms for no wait time
But not only that. In the future BBET will be used for other game types and functionalities.
What i can do with BBET ?
  • You can play barbooth with BBET at with out waiting for an opponent
  • You can stake your BBET-BNB LP's to the farm to gain more BBET and play more.
Classic dice game and coinflip will support BBET in the future also.

How can i buy BBET ?

You can buy it from our Public sale contract or you can buy it from pancakeswap

Token Distribution

BBET token is non-mintable token. Max supply and total supply is 150M token right now.