Public Sale V2

Public Sale V2 is a new type of fair launch. First come first serve based sale strategy.

How It works ?

  • User buys desired amount of tokens with BNB according to a price that equals to DEX price, without a price impact from the PublicSaleV2 contract.
  • %80 of the received BNB's gets liquidated in Apeswap BBET-BNB pair 💸.
  • %20 of the received BNB's used for buy-back and burn 🔥.
  • Price recalculates after each buya ccording to Apeswap prices
  • Tokens immediatly transferred to the buyer.
These actions happens in same transaction.
Here is a sample transaction of a buy action with PublicSaleV2

How To Use It ?

Public Sale V2
  • Select your Wallet provider
  • Write any amount of BNB you want and click Buy button.